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After you have made initial contact, I will need to inspect your instrument to give you an accurate evaluation. Visits to the workshop are by pre-arranged appointment only.

Once the instrument is delivered to the workshop, an initial inspection is carried out and an inspection report is provided with problems and solutions identified, including cost and timescale. 


Solder joints (each) from £35

Silver solder joints (each) from £80

Replace water key spring from £40

Replace trigger spring from £40

Remove stuck slide (without unsoldering) from £35

Remove severely stuck slide (requiring unsoldering and rebuild) from £85

Stuck mouthpiece from £15

All other work  is charged at £45.00 per hour


Rectify intermittent sticky valve (per valve) from £35

Straighten valve casing / remove a dent from piston (per valve) from £50

Precise valve port alignment and correction (per set of 3 valves) from £75

Hand finish valve with lapping paste (per valve) from £25

Rebuild rotary valve, align ports and set lever or restring (per valve) from £50

Trombone slides

Basic dent work and alignment from £50

Professional level slide alignment from £150

Dents to outer slide only from £50

Dent work

'Roughout' creases from bell from £65

Remove small dents from accessible parts from £40

All other dent work to be assessed and priced individually

Full Service

Deep clean

The instrument will be fully dismantled and cleaned using our state of the art ultrasonic cleaner where possible. Water key corks will be inspected and changed if required and valve caps, springs and valves will be checked, lapped in and lubricated. Slides will be inspected. Once ultrasonically cleaned then the whole instrument will then be reassembled oiled, greased and polished ready for collection. Servicing does not include repairs such as severely stuck slide removal, damaged valves, broken solder joints and dent work.   After service you can expect your instrument to feel and play better than before, not to mention that it’s certainly more hygienic  – you would be amazed at what comes out of most instruments when they are deep cleaned inside the bore!

Cornet/Trumpet/Flugelhorn from £95

Tenor horn from £100

3 valve Euphonium/Baritone horn from £115

4 valve Euphonium/Baritone horn from £135

3 valve Tuba from £150

4 valve Tuba from £170

3 valve French horn from £120

4 valve French horn from £150

Trombone from £95

Trombone with single rotor trigger from £120

Trombone with double rotor trigger from £165

French Horn rotary valves before and after Ultrasonic cleaning

Contact Us

Based in Sleaford, Lincolnshire

Visits to the workshop are by pre-arranged appointment only. 

Workshop opening hours

Monday-Friday: 9:30-5:30

Band room, school visits, and weekends by appointment only up to a 50-mile radius of Sleaford.

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